Ashleigh Addison

Co-Founder & Director

Ash is Uptown's chief strategist and wordsmith. She is our resident perfectionist who can't help but finesse almost everything that leaves the office.

She has extensive experience working in media and communications in politics, government, not-for-profit and corporate sectors. 


Ash is a passionate writer and strategist but also loves to dabble in design and digital comms. Her pet hates include typos, waffle and incorrect apostrophe usage. 

Ash has an unwavering dedication to her work and the Uptown clients. She is constantly upskilling the team and writing explainers on the whiteboard about everything from politics to public policy and the property market. 

Outside of work Ash is an indoor soccer player, a political activist, foodie & mixologist, Netflix enthusiast, Rabbitohs fan and a lover of all water sports.

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Patty Barrett

Co-Founder & Director

Patty is Uptown's chief organiser and persistent pitcher. Give her a phone and a list of media outlets and she won't rest until she's convinced every single one (or received a very firm no).

She is not only a Director of Uptown Communications, but also the client communication queen and office HR manager.

Patty loves nothing more than a well-filed Dropbox, up to date spreadsheet, a 100 page export from Coverage Book or a 'yes' response from a newsroom.

Her celebratory dancing in the office is second to none and her cheery demeanour can turn any frown upside down -  even at a 5am media opp!

Patty loves going to the races, being up to date on all of the latest fashion trends and she'll never pass up the opportunity for a foot massage!

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Nina Willoughby

Events & Communications Manager

Nina could sell ice to an eskimo. She is charming, persistent and clever. She's a brilliant public relations and events all-rounder.

She previously worked in the travel and automotive industries and made the jump to agency side with Uptown!


She's a gun at all things project management and logistics. She also has the gift of the gab, being able to talk her way into the newsroom and secure  prime media placement for our clients.

Nina is a brilliant multitasker and can juggle multiple projects with extreme efficiency, a big smile and a (usually very loud) laugh.

Nina's office nickname is 'Harmony' because you'll often find her at a 5am yoga class or soaking her crystals in the moonlight.

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Mim Rizvi

Media &

Communications Executive

Mim is a creative soul. She comes most recently from the Sydney Opera House with a wealth of public relations knowledge.


She's extremely ambitious, forward thinking and she possesses a passion for creative PR solutions. 


She always produces exceptional results for clients and won't stop until she's exceeded expectations.

Mim is a fun loving, hard-working team player that can't wait to get involved in the nitty-gritty of client campaigns.


She loves to see campaigns through from start to finish and makes sure each aspect of a campaign is thoroughly taken care of.

Mim is also known as 'Mim Beanie' because she's in a children's band called The Beanies!


She has travelled all around Australia performing fabulously fun songs and has even opened for 'The Wiggles' on Australia Day at Darling Harbour!

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Gabby Sando

Media &

Communications Manager

Gabby comes from a diverse background in marketing and communications, working predominantly in the not-for-profit and real estate industries.


She loves social media, digital communications and creative campaigns.

She is experienced in creating holistic campaign strategies that encompass all areas of marketing, ensuring the client’s expectations are exceeded.

Gabby loves reading up on the latest news about social media algorithms, tips, tricks and trends. She's always up to date with the best ways to get results!

Nothing makes Gabby happier than superb social media analytics, high click-through and conversion rates from an eDM and big media wins.

Gabby is an amazing all-rounder who can achieve anything she puts her mind to.

In her downtime, Gabby loves to cook - which is great for us, as her enthusiastic taste testers. She loves finishing the day with a bubble bath and a margarita.

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